Cesar Piña has been rehabbing and flipping homes for over a decade. With over 600 rental properties in Paterson, Cesar has become the foremost authority on how to make it in Real Estate. Starting from virtually nothing, Cesar is the definition of “self-made” and has perfected the art of financing projects through his mastery of leverage. Now Cesar is sharing his journey, passion and knowledge with others. 

Known as one of the top radio personalities in New York City. The star of the Breakfast Club morning show, DJ Envy has made it a mission to invest in urban neighborhoods. As an investor in Detroit, DJ Envy has become a part of the renaissance of one of the areas worst hit by the financial crisis. Now he’s a proud owner of Paterson real estate, and currently owns over 90 rental units. All while working closely with Cesar Piña to help the community buy back the block.

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